Dario Salvi is the founder of the Imperial Vienna Orchestra in Norwich. It is the only orchestra in the UK to specialise in the authentic reproduction of 19th-century Viennese music, and to regularly perform at Viennese balls. He is also a guest conductor and partner of Metamorphosis Chamber Orchestra in New York and principal guest conductor for Concert Operetta Theater in Philadelphia. He is a Lifetime Honorary Member of the Johann Strauss Society of Great Britain and a recording artist with Naxos Records.

A busy arranger and researcher, Dario has a particular interest in reviving lost works including comic operas and orchestral music.


Dario Salvi was born in Brescia, Northern Italy, in 1975. From a very young age, he displayed a great interest in music and it was not long before he started studying soprano saxophone with the Filarmonica S.Cecilia in his home-town of Sarezzo. After years of studying performance and music theory as a teenager, he soon became an in-demand saxophonist and alto clarinet player and worked with many bands and big-bands, for which he also acted as an arranger. It was at this time that his passion for the bass guitar started to come afloat, however he was too busy playing the sax to have enough time to dedicate to the bass.

Early Career – Bands

He then joined the army and became Deputy Bandmaster of the Tridentina Regimental Band of The Alpine Troops, of which he remained an active member until 2011. During 1997 and 1998 he received formal training as Bandmaster and started studying the art of conducting and music theory, as well as learning about the military music tradition. The band’s members are German and Italian-speaking musicians based in South Tyrol, a former part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was there that he was first exposed extensively to Austrian music and it is then that he started to fall in love with it.

After having studied jazz harmony and modern music theory and becoming a professional bass player, he started touring Europe and the USA with several international artists. He has played at large festivals in the Netherlands, Serbia and Slovenia, as well as in clubs and discos all over Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

He started conducting bands in Italy in 2006 and has never looked back. He was Musical Director for Banda San Gottardo di Barghe for five years, Musical Director of Corpo Musicale di Vestone for two years and a music teacher for Corpo Musicale di Serle for one year, as well as Co-Conductor of Banda Choros, a professional concert band composed of some of the best players and conductors from bands based in the Province of Brescia in Northern Italy.

Today – Orchestral Work

After graduating with Honours in Applied Psychology from the University of Derby on a distance learning course, he moved to England in 2011 to read for a Masters Degree in Conducting. During this time he worked with Chamber Orchestra Anglia and the University of East Anglia Symphony Orchestra (UEASO).

He assisted Sharon Choa, Conductor of UEASO, for almost three years. During this time he also worked as Arranger for Chamber Orchestra Anglia, arranging music for the orchestra as well as creating orchestral reductions.

Soon after graduating with a MMus he founded the Imperial Vienna Orchestra, composed of some of the best musicians in the East of England. He has made the orchestra a very successful musical enterprise and is proud to bring a new approach to classical music to the UK.

As a member of the Johann Strauss Society of Great Britain, he has been very active in arranging new music from the Viennese Archives for orchestras, quartets and military bands. In 2015 he was awarded Honorary Lifetime Membership by the Society.

Since 2016 he has been very busy with orchestras in the UK, Germany, Italy and Eastern Europe in presenting Operas, Operettas and other works.

In November 2017 he had his American conducting debut in Philadelphia with the Concert Operetta Theater.

In June 2018 he had his debut in Carnegie Hall and the Lincoln Center in New York City with Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro and Humperdinck’s Hänsel und Gretel.

He is currently busy working on Rumshinsky’s Yiddish Operetta The Broken Violin (Tsubrochene Fidele) for Philadelphia, on Strauss’ Blindekuh, Minkus’s La Bayadere (in the original manuscript orchestration), Suppé’s Die Schone Galathee for the UK, Meyerbeer’s operas for Sofia, Bulgaria, Meyerbeer’s sacred songs for Berlin, Germany.

He will be recording his works by Auber and Meyerbeer for NAXOS from 2018 onwards in the USA and Europe.

He will debut in Asia in the Royal Opera House Muscat in December 2018 conducting the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

All of his arrangements are available to view and purchase from Musica Mundana,  Score Exchange and on Kevin Bell Music (Marcato Brass) and DaVinci Edition.